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The Beechcraft Bonaza is an American aircraft. Manufactured in the late forties, it is one of the longest running production aircraft in aviation history.

Beechcraft Bonanza AircraftA simple, single engine aircraft that is useful in carrying passengers and goods, this plane became popular in the eighties.

The design has remained largely similar to when the first plane rolled off the assembly line. But the material used has improved as technology advanced through the years. Over the years, some other models featuring twin engines has been produced as well.

The aircraft is made from light material. And its simple, no fuss design made it easy to manufacture and produce. Given the simplicity in its design, it is very easy to pick up flying with this craft. Over the years, its usefulness can be seen in the many places it is deployed.

This aircraft is sometimes also used to train pilots in the air force to fly. A small aircraft that is easy to maintain and fly. Enthusiasts who own or fly the Beechcraft Bonaza personal Aircraft even have a club supporting their activities.

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